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Tema: Christie's auction of 12-11-12 @ Geneva

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    Predeterminado Christie's auction of 12-11-12 @ Geneva

    LOT 88:

    Do you know the history behind the creation of Lamborghini?
    Ferrucio Lamborghini was fired by Enzo Ferrari in 1958, because he wanted to make the Ferrari 250GT more efficient and reliable.

    "Joe Ben" Champion was a famous lawyer from Texas and a collector known by the brand Patek. And like Ferrucio Lamborghini, he demanded from Patek more-than-a-chronometric watch.
    First of all, the movement's global aspect is surprising: 13 lignes is large for a simple movement from this period. Then, it is covered in the Saxon way (contrary to the Helvetian habits) by a ¾ plate, to increase stability. Finally, it exhibits a magnificent chronometric "Guillaume" balance: Large size, blued hairspring.
    This movement is part of a series of 30, amongst which only two were encased...
    The movement has been tuned by the Master watchmaker Andre Zibach and was certified by the Geneva Observatory... The watchcase is also a bit peculiar, because it is theoretically a 2448. However, this "JB Champion" platinum case was made slightly larger: 36mm, in order to fit the 13 lignes caliber. But the aesthetics also transfigure Patek's codes by proposing something rougher, less dressy, and more technical than the Patek from this period. It is exactly like a GT car that would feature a "racing" body. For that matter, don't be surprised to see the watch with two different dials and wristbands, since Patek delivered it to Mr. Champion with the "full package".
    Estimated price: 2 to 4 million CHF. Let's bet it will be auctioned for a far higher sum.

    LOT 151:

    The other exceptional Patek in this auction (even if looks desperately plain compared to the incredible 2458 "JB Champion") is the platinum 2499 called "Eric Clapton" after the name of its previous owner, the famous guitarist.
    Beyond its owner's aura, it is the last of the Patek Philippe Perpetual calendar to have been sold. The last two were made of platinum; one was sold to the Patek museum and the other one sold on the open market. From owner to owner, the latter finally became Clapton's property.
    It is probably the last opportunity for many years to buy the only platinum 2499 available on the market.
    Estimated price: 2.5 to 4 million CHF

    LOT 188:

    To continue with exceptional Patek watches, which are characteristic of Christie's auctions led by Aurel Bacs, the platinum chronograph Patek Philippe 1579. Akin to the two previous marvels, it features a platinum case. It is the last in the series and is fitted with a 13 lignes caliber. It is one of the three existing copies which close the 1979 series.
    The dial is a beauty of brightness and balance and its slight coloration does not spoil its look; quite the contrary.
    Despite its small size, it is very present on the wrist, notably because of its dial's austere charisma.
    Estimated price: 1 to 1.5 million CHF

    LOT 150:

    This Patek 530 chronograph is more common than the three previous marvels. However, beyond its fabulous aesthetic totally out of Patek's classic standards, its particularity is that it is brand new.
    Of course, it has been sold in 1956, but it is pristine, not at 99% but at 99.99%; one was almost afraid to take pictures of it for fear of downgrading it to 99.98%. This 36mm rose gold chronograph is powered by a magnificent 13 lignes caliber.
    When wearing this watch, you will feel like you just got out of its original retailer's store, Gobbi from Milano, and to be immersed in the heat of the Italian Dolce Vita from the 50's.
    Estimated price: 600k to 1.2 million CHF.

    LOT 113:

    It is maybe the finest movement in this auction. This Patek Philippe 47mm rose gold pocket watch is fitted with a 17 lignes caliber, with serial number #174 515, manufactured in 1915.
    The reason why this movement is so beautiful is that it features a fly-back hand as well as a minute repeater, the overall having been manufactured with virtuosity. It somewhat reminds us of the caliber 97443 purchased by the Patek museum more than a year ago, for 200kCHf.
    Estimated price: 13k to 16kCHF.

    LOT 43:

    A more recent Patek, but also relatively surprising: The previous rose gold Aquanaut, #5065, from 1999. This rose gold livery totally changes the Aquanaut's look, its 38mm size makes it unisex and its estimated price makes it affordable by a wide audience. You will notice that the "chocolate bar" dial carries a different meaning in this particular context.
    Estimated price: 7 to 10kCHF.

    LOT 168:

    An auction would not be ideal without some rare and exotic Rolex. The exoticism is brought by two lines of red text (here rose and red); the rarity is to find both of them in a GMT Master watchcase.
    This 1955 Rolex is one of the first 6542 to have been presented.
    With its worn bi-color Bakelite bezel and bi-color date, it is a must for vintage Rolex lovers. A watch to wear driving a Ferrari 312 GTO while wearing a Hawaiian shirt.
    Estimated price: 50k to 80kCHF.

    LOT 300:

    Finally, a Panerai.  It is a magnificent pre-Vendome from 1994, in incredibly good condition. The "as cast" Unitas is fitted in a 44mm PVD coated "Bettarini" watchcase; regardless of the slightly caved-in tritium coating of the indexes, everything is in perfect condition, the wristband as well as the original box.
    Estimated price: 25k to 35kCHF.

    LOT 254:

    A Paul Ditisheim deck watch manufactured around 1915, an austere chronometer with exceptional characteristics: "Guillaume" balance, blued hairspring and ¾ plate. The quality of the finishes is, as stated by Aurel Bacs, "worthy of the work of Voutilainen or Dufour".
    Certainly, this Paul Ditisheim is far less demonstrative because it is authentically tailored for chronometry (Ditisheim regularly attended chronometry contests with pieces like this).
    Estimated price: 4K to 5kCHF

    LOT 318 :

    The last lot on the Christie's catalog is an Omega featuring an enameled dial which represents Neptune on his chariot. This chronometer from 1954 is fitted with an automatic caliber 354 with peripheral rotor.
    This enameled Omega is different from the production of Patek from the same period with their classic style, as its design was more contemporary to the 50's. The watch looks sportier and its general condition is exceptional.
    Estimated price: 60k to 100kCHF.

    LOT 298 :

    Panerai PAM358. This 47mm titanium/stainless steel "Subzilla" manufactured by Panerai and dedicated to Chronopassion had caused a memorable line in front of Laurent Piciotto's boutique. The particularity of this watch is that it is the only lefty submersible 47mm (together with the other 44mm SL Chronopassion: The PAM239).
    Chances are that the flame of passion surrounding this watch might not be extinguished and that it might well double or triple the estimated price: between 6k and 9kCHF.

    LOT 260 :

    IWC B-Uhr from 1940. This 55mm watch was an endowment in the Luftwaffe. The big difference between these watches of the pilots from the Axe and the diver-watches (type Panerai 3646) are the calibers. This IWC is powered by a 19 lignes chronometric caliber 52T, with sand-blasted finishes to die for.
    Estimated price: 20k to 30kCHF.

    LOT 297 :

    Omega James Bond 50th anniversary. This is a special piece sold on behalf of a Turkish charity association, which helps impoverished Turk people, especially in rural areas, or the victims of natural disasters. This association was created in 1928 by Ataturk, who wanted to open up Turkey.
    This watch comes just at the right time for the worldwide success of Skyfall, the last opus of the James Bond series.
    Estimated price: Solidarity being priceless, no estimate has been made.

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    Wow!!!! Thanks to

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    Thanks Jordiher!!

    The results :

    LOT 88:
    Patek Philippe « JB Champion » 2448
    Estimation : 2,000,000 - 4,000,000 CHF
    Final Bid : 3,779,000 CHF

    LOT 151 :
    Patek 2499/100 Eric Clapton Platinium
    Estimation : 2,500,000 - 4,000,000 CHF
    Final bid : 3,443,000 CHF

    LOT 188 :
    Patek 1579 platinium
    Estimation : 1,000,000 - 1,500,000 CHF
    Final bid : 1,539,000 CHF

    LOT 150 :
    Patek 530 « Gobbi Milano »
    Estimation : 600,000 - 1,200,000 CHF
    Final bid : 987,000 CHF

    LOT 113 :
    Patek Pocket Split Second Repeater, case 174515
    Estimation : 12,000 - 16,000 CHF
    Final bid : 52,500 CHF

    LOT 43 :
    Patek Aquanaut 5065 rosegold
    Estimation : 7,000 - 10,000 CHF
    Final bid : 18,750 CHF

    LOT 168 :
    Rolex 6542 GMT Double Red
    Estimation : 50,000 - 80,000 CHF
    Final bid : 111,000 CHF

    LOT 300 :
    Panerai Pré-V 5218-203/A PVD
    Estimation : 25,000 - 35,000 CHF
    Final bid : 40,000 CHF

    LOT 254 :
    Paul Ditisheim Deck Chronometer
    Estimation : 4,000 - 6,000 CHF
    Final bid : 15,000 CHF

    LOT 318 :
    Omega Seamaster 2520 Enamel Neptune
    Estimation : 60,000 - 100,000 CHF
    Final bid : 243,000CHF

    LOT 298 :
    Panerai PAM358 Left-handed Subzilla Chronopassion
    Estimation : 6,000 - 9,000 CHF
    Final bid : 10,000CHF

    LOT 260 :
    IWC B-Uhr from 1940
    Estimation : 20,000 - 30,000 CHF
    Final bid : 25,000CHF

    LOT 297 :
    Omega Seamaster James Bond 50th
    Estimation : Charity piece
    Final bid : 12,500CHF

    All results on the Christie’s website.

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