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Tema: Rewiew: Rolex Oyster Sea-Dweller Deep Sea 16660 (el otro Triple-Six)

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    Post Rewiew: Rolex Oyster Sea-Dweller Deep Sea 16660 (el otro Triple-Six)

    Interensante revisión que hace el usuario "100thmonkey" en el foro TZ-UK.

    Estamos hablando del Triple-Six grandote:


    Slightly bigger than the standard

    but fairly standard in terms of bit & bobs including warranty card, booklet, hangtags, & guarantee


    Its big! But its not Big! Yes it is bigger than you are used to and because you compare it to the previous it is bigger but it wears no bigger than most Panerai standard cases. The lugs are bigger again than the old classic SD obviously and measure 21mm so a 22mm NATO would be the best option rather than a 20mm with a gap. A titanium caseback held in pace with a Stainless Steel ring and including the crystal it measures 17mm thick.

    I find that the case back is flatter than the Seadweller and as a result it sits better on the wrist. A big fat Rolex Crown sits proportionally well between the protectors. One thing that is nice is that the titanium rear has a brushed finish and when leaving the watch on the side and the bracelet rubbing on the rear of the watch it has picked up no scratches, all my other Rolex have got scratches on the rear inside a week which progressively get worse. I used to leave the sticker on to try and prevent this but now there is no need. Finally the case is finished with a Stainless Steel helium escape valve rather than titanium as found on the Seadweller.


    Perfection personified, smooth matte just like the 1680 & 1665 Seadwellers of the past with a slight grain to it which stops light reflecting on off it which I dislike on the glossy dials. Then theres that dreamy blue lume that glows all night long.

    Now when I looked at the original pictures and all the pictures I have taken it appears that the ‘Original Gas Escape Valve’ & ‘Ring Lock System’ are written in letters 10ft high and flashing. The reality is that when you own and wear the watch you genuinely do not notice the wording unless you look for it. But when you do look you see a true tool watch, that domed crystal, a throw back to the 1962 original Seadwellers is 5.5mm thick and looks like it could take a sledgehammer but doesn’t distort the dial or reading of it, the curvature is subtle but amazing.


    Ive had a ceramic dial for 3 years so I am used to the new style and have been very happy with it, they are bombproof and near impossible to damage, it is neither too glossy or too matte but its when you turn it that you truly appreciate it.

    The GMTIIC is nice but it has 24 thick clicks whereas the Deepsea has 120 precision clicks and it is so solid that it literally buzzes as you turn it, no tinny sound just silk smooth precision rotation. Then it has iced its cake with a well placed ‘pip’ at 12 O’Clock.


    Starting from 21mm between the lugs and tapering to 17mm at the clasp the bracelet is solid and brushed, it makes the previous bracelets feel very tinny and cheap but it is the clasp and glidelock that are a work of art, having that reassuring snap and lock coupled with the ability to change the bracelet in mm increments in seconds is just brilliant. The watch originally had a divers clasp but I made the decision that I wouldn’t require it and if I did wear it over a wetsuit I could get enough from the glidelock. Without the divers clasp I found it was a nicer more appropriate fit for my wrist. I have added an article in the mods & wreckers section on removal.

    Rolex need this clasp on every model from here on in as it just blows away every other previous version in terms of comfort and functionality coupled with quality and build.


    5.5mm thick domed crystal.
    Matte maxi dial and bigger hands.
    Blue lume.
    43mm case.
    Glidelock bracelet.
    3900m – 12800ft………How Deep!!!!

    50 years we have waited for engineering, materials, and a market ready to accept this but the wait is over and its been worth it. Rolex have maintained many of the historic characteristics of the early Seadwellers, the domed crystal, Matte Dial, etc and delivered a watch which is undeniably larger than what has gone before, but is it too large? Owning one will tell a different story, it’s perfectly wearable. Infact the Deepsea has done really well with me as like many I was convinced it was too big by the million threads saying it was but the reality is that 99% of those comments are from either non owners or those that have tried one on in an AD’s and made a snap judgement that its too big!! If you have a sub 6.75" Wrist then perhaps this isnt the best choice but dont be brainwashed by the 'too big' line. I know I nearly did and I wouldn't have realized just how good it could be.

    Its early days but Id be very surprised if you see this one up for sale!

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    Pues es precioso con todos sus detalles.

    Me gusta Rolex.

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